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Friday Live & Online Bidding Auction Items




  F25 AÑURITAY RANCH: Two hunters will be able to take a 7 day safari to Santiago del Estero, Argentina, for red stag, axis and fallow deer, mouflon, water buffalo, cougar, peccaries, brocket deer, capybara and more. Trophy fees are included for one boar, one ram, and one multi-horned animal per hunter. The hunt may be taken from February to December 2019. Luxury lodge accommodations are included. Rifles are available free of charge. Arrival and departure is from Santiago del Estero airport; transfer fees are $800 round trip.
Paco Pizarro  |  |
  F21 BRIARWOOD SPORTING CLUB: This is a 3-day, 4-night hunt for two hunters on a 440-acre compound for two whitetail deer. Included are daily fees and $1,000 credit per hunter toward the harvest of two trophy whitetails. Method of take is the hunters' choice. Lodging, meals, guide service and transportation of trophies to a local meat processor and/or taxidermist are part of the package. Briarwood is located 45 minutes northwest of Columbus, Ohio. Pick up and drop off from the airport in Columbus or Dayton is $175. Hunt may be taken on available dates September 15 to December 19, 2019 or 2020. This hunt is non-transferable without prior approval.
Chris Daniels  |  |
  F23 CATENA SAFARIS: Catena Safaris is offering a 5-day hunt in Argentina for one blackbuck and one ram for three hunters. The blackbuck and ram are to be shared by the hunters. The hunt can be taken from March to May in 2019 or 2020. Additional game, such as red stag, axis deer, etc., can be added per the outfitter's price list. Hunt arrival and departure point will be Santa Rosa, La Pampa Province. Rifle, bow or crossbow can be used on the hunt. A $500 booking fee per guest is required. This donation is only valid if at least three hunters come.
Mateo Venesia
  |  |
  F10 CAZA Y SAFARIS: This 5-day hunt is for a free-chase water buffalo for one hunter in Argentina. Method of take is rifle, bow, handgun or muzzleloader. Lodging and meals are included. The hunt will end when the trophy is obtained or wounded by the hunter unless the hunter chooses to upgrade the hunt to include other big game trophies such as red stag, deer, blackbuck, peccary, feral hog, etc. If the winning bidder goes hunting but does not kill an animal, a $500 daily rate will be charged. Firearms are available at no charge. The hunt can be taken in 2019 or 2020. A non-hunter may accompany the hunter at an additional cost of $1000. Arrival and departure are from the airport in Santiago del Estero.
DONOR VALUED AT $5,500  |  Minimum bid is $3,000
Jorge Noya
  |  |
  F11 CERRITOS BEACH RESORTS: This offering is for a stay of four nights, five days in a deluxe two-bedroom suite at Hacienda Cerritos, Mexico. The win is good for any dates but black-out dates do apply. The resort is just 40 miles north of Cabo San Lucas and near the historic artist colony of Todos Santos. Cerritos Beach is world renowned for its surfing.
DONOR VALUED AT $2,196  |  Minimum bid is $1,500  |
  F9 COPPERSMITH GLOBAL LOGISTICS: Coppersmith has donated a $500 gift certificate for one hunter for import of trophies into the United States. The certificate includes: customs and fish and wildlife service fees, cargo import service charge, and messenger fee ($350); airport transfer ($85); and warehouse handling fee ($65). The certificate does not include additional hunters, USDA and FWS exams if required, CDC permits, CITES inspection fees, and air and ocean freight charges.

Lisa Gingerich  |  |
  F27 DE DUINE SAFARIS: A springbuck slam awaits two or three hunters on this safari in Vryburg, Northwest Province, South Africa. Included are one each common springbuck, white springbuck, black springbuck and copper springbuck to be shared between the hunters on this 5-day hunt which can be taken in 2019 or 2020. The outfitter has indicated the firearms must be .270, .308, or .338 calibers. The hunt can be upgraded to more species per the outfitter's price list. Arrival and departure is from the airport in Kimberley, South Africa.
DONOR VALUED AT $6,000  |  Minimum bid is $1,300

Bert Meyer  |  |
  F1 DUCKHORN OUTDOOR ADVENTURES: This donation is a duck hunt for two to four hunters for two days in the 2019 season in the Grand River bottoms near Urich, Missouri. Accommodations and lodging are included.
Bob Fry  |  |
  F13 ERWINS OUTDOORS: Two hunters will be able to pursue Gould's turkeys near Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico on this 3-day hunt in April or May. The hunt can also be taken in 2020. Trophy fees are included for two turkeys. License and permit fees are not included. Bass fishing can be added per the outfitter's price list. Either shotguns or bows may be used. Cabin accommodations are included. Arrival and departure will be from Hermosillo, Mexico.
DONOR VALUED AT $5,000  |  Minimum bid is $3,000
Erwins Ronquillo  |  |
  F5 GRAHAM SALES: This donation is being offered by Graham Sales, the 2018 Professional Hunter of the Year. This 7-day, 2x1 safari for two hunters will take place on the Songimvelo Nature Reserve - South Africa's largest provincial nature reserve. Each hunter will receive a $2,000 credit towards trophy fees. This rifle-only hunt can be taken in 2019 or 2020. Lodging and meals are included and will be in a luxury tented camp on the banks of the Komati River. Dangerous game can be added per the outfitter's price list. Arrival and departure will be from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport, a one-hour flight from Johannesburg International Airport. Not included are arrival day fees of $375, government taxes of $1,095 and a community conservation levy of $92 per day, all of which are payable per hunter in advance to reserve a date for the hunt.
Graham Sales  |  |
  F14 HUNT IN SPAIN: The winning bidder for this auction item will travel to Spain to hunt either a fallow deer, a red deer or a mouflon sheep, the choice being up to the hunter. The weapon of choice will be the hunter's decision and the hunt will last until the trophy is collected or wounded. Full luxury accommodations and meals in an 18th century lodge are included. The hunt can be taken from September to March in 2019, 2020 or 2021. Other game can be added per the outfitter's price list. You will also enjoy the history, culture and tradition of Salamanca where a wide variety of other activities are available. The cost for a non-hunting companion is $250 per day. Arrival and departure will be from the airport in Madrid. Not included in this donation are hunting license and insurance ($290), export permit and vet certificate ($200) and 21 percent VAT.
DONOR VALUED AT $9,650  |  Minimum bid is $2,895
Alfonso Fabres  |  |
  F26 IRON WHEEL GUEST RANCH: This is a 2-day, 3-night guided float fishing trip for two people in Montana. Meals, lodging and transportation to and from the fishing area are included. This trip will be on the Jefferson River where rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout are available. Transportation from the Butte, Montana airport to the Iron Wheel Guest Ranch is also included. The trip can be taken from May to August in 2019. Upgrades to fish the Madison or Big Hole Rivers are available. Fishing licenses are not included.
DONOR VALUED AT $1,340  |  Minimum bid is $1,200
Jody Cargill  |  |
  F8 JANNIE OTTO SAFARIS: One hunter will have the opportunity to take one sable and one gemsbuck on this 5-day, 4-night safari in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. Either rifles or handguns may be used. Accommodations for the hunter and one observer will be at the Jannie Otto Safari Lodge, about a one-hour drive from Kimberley. If hunters upgrade to ten hunting days, they will receive a $1000 credit toward additional trophies and qualify for a discount on buffalo and/or roan trophy fees. This hunt is valid in 2019 or 2020. Arrival and departure will be from the airport in Kimberley; transfer fees are $600 per vehicle. Hunters must pay a community fund levy of $100 per day per hunter and $50 per day for an observer and a 15 percent government tax on trophy fees on any wounded or lost game.
DONOR VALUED AT $10,125  |  Minimum bid is $3,500
Jannie Otto
  |  |
  F22 KAPRIVER OUTFITTERS DUCK AND GROUSE HUNT: This is a 5-day duck and grouse hunt with retrievers and pointing dogs in Kapukasing, Ontario for one hunter valid for the 2019 or 2020 season depending on available dates between September 10 and November 10. Hunters are encouraged to bring their own dogs and other hunters. Groups up to ten are welcome at a cost of $1,750 per hunter or non-hunters at $900 per week. Ducks are hunted in the large rice bays of the famous Kap River, the first staging area for birds coming off James Bay. The Kapukasing area, with its mixed forest of pine, birch and aspen, are perfect for hunting grouse; expect 7-10 flushes per hour. Lodging and meals are included. The closest commercial airport is in Timmins, Ontario, approximately 100 miles from Kapukasing, where clients can rent a vehicle which they must use for transportation to and from the hunting areas.

Peter Martin  |  |
  F2 KAPRIVER OUTFITTERS FISHING: This donation is a 5-day fishing trip for one person, hosted at Kap River Outfitters lodge in Kapukasing, Ontario, between May 19 and September 10 during the 2019 or 2020 season. Boats, motors and guides are included. Northerns, walleye, small mouth bass, brook trout and rainbow trout are plentiful in the numerous lakes and rivers in this part of northern Ontario. The winning bidder is encouraged to bring other guests at a cost of $1500 per person. Groups up to 10 can be accommodated. The lodge has a fully equipped kitchen and dining room where you can do your own cooking. Licenses are available locally upon arrival. The closest commercial airport is in Timmins, Ontario, approximately 100 miles from Kapukasing, where clients can rent a vehicle.

Peter Martin  |  |
  F15 KUVHIMA SAFARIS: Kuvhima Safaris is offering this donation in the Limpopo Province of South Africa for two hunters for 12 days (10 hunting days) in 2019, 2020, 2021 or another year subject to negotiation with the outfitter. The hunters will receive a trophy credit of $3,000 to be shared between them for any trophy animals but the trophy credit is not transferable between the hunters. Non-hunters are welcome at a special rate of $150 per day; children under 13 years of age are free of charge. Non-hunters may not use the allocation of the second hunter if not hunting. Meals and accommodations are included. Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Johannesburg are included.
Andre Stewart
  |  |
  F28 L&L ADVENTURES: This is a 3 day 2 night hunt for 2 hunters each hunting 2 trophy exotics (4 trophies total) in Wimberley, Texas. A $1000 trophy credit will be applied to each of the four trophy exotics. This is a year round hunt subject to availability valid until October 1, 2019. Hunters may hunt additional animals at a 10% discount from current pricing. Guide fees, lodging and meals are included. Non-hunting guests welcomed at $150 per night.

Bill Desmarais   l   |
  F6 LAD SHUNNESON AND KEN WILSON ADVENTURES: This item is a 6-day fishing adventure for one person in Zihuantanejo, Mexico with 4 days of intense fishing plus arrival and departure days.  Fishing for marlin, sailfish, roosterfish, etc. is included. The outfitter will provide all tackle. The trip is to be taken in March/April or July/August in 2019 or 2020. Accommodations will be in a beautiful beach hotel. There is a 20 percent discount for additional fishermen with one additional fisherman required to accompany winning bidder at $3480. Arrival and departure will be from Zihuantanejo, Mexico.
Lad Shunneson  |  |
  F7 MG HUNTING: This 5 day hunt will be in the province of LaPampa, Argentina. One hunter will get to pursue red stag from mid-March to mid-April 2019 or 2020. Meals and accommodations in a lodge are included. Non hunting companion is $200/d, gun permit is $120/gun, and hunting license is $400/hunter. Gun rental if desired is $70 per day per hunter. If desired MG Hunting will handle local transportation arrangements.
DONOR VALUED AT $7,000  |  Minimum bid is $3,000
Marcelo Gil  |  |
  F24 MONKANE SAFARIS: Two hunters will have the opportunity to share one sable and one nyala on this 7-day hunt in the Limpopo Province of South Africa. The hunt can be taken in 2019 or 2020. Accommodations are included. Additional animals can be added per the outfitter's price list. Rifles, handguns or bows can be used on this hunt. An upgrade to a larger sable bull (40 inches +) is available for $1,500. Arrival and departure will be from the airport in Johannesburg. No back-to-back bookings of donated hunts are allowed. There is a $180 per person charge on the arrival and departure days.

Kerneels Viljoen  |  |
  F29 MOOSE FLATS LIMITED EDITION PRINT BY TERRY LEE:  This is a limited edition giclee print of an original oil painting "Moose Flats" by Terry Lee, who is the 2019 SCI Artist of the Year. This edition was printed using giclee digital technology and is printed on 20 ml canvas with a UV coating.  It has been hand signed and numbered by the artist. This is number 26 of 100 and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. This beautiful print on canvas has been stretched and framed. Overall size is approx. 24" x 36".
Terry Lee  |  1-208-659-4182  |
  F12 MYSTERY RANCH SCAPEGOAT 35 HUNTING DAYPACK: This highly compressible bag, with narrow body panel framing, allows for movement and flexibility, while maintaining a stiff, active frame for those heavier loads. The internal frame is an HDPE sheet that provides rigidity and yet is flexible. The waist belt system with belt wings allows you to cinch the frame/load onto the hips and distribute the weight evenly. It features a horseshoe zipper, hydration reservoir compatibility, two woven bottle side pockets, pockets to attach accessories, and bow and rifle carry via compression straps. The weight is 3.9 pounds and the dimensions are 27 inches x 10 inches x 9.5 inches.
DONOR VALUED AT $325  |  KCSCI Foundation
  F19 NGWARATI SAFARIS: This is a hunt for two hunters in the Limpopo Province of South Africa for the following animals to be shared by the hunters: one kudu or zebra, two impala, and two warthogs. The hunt is to be taken in 2019 or can be carried over to 2020 when prices are subject to change. A $1,000 deposit per hunter, to be applied to the final bill, is required to confirm the safari date. Hunting is also available in other areas of South Africa at a cost of $300 per hunter per day. Additional game can be added per the outfitter's price list, including dangerous game. Tours to Pilanesberg and Marakete National Parks are available at $150 per person per day. The winning bidder must pay a 15 percent VAT tax.
Deon and Gigi
  |  |
  F20 OC OUTFITTERS: This is a 4-day, 3-night dove shooting safari for three hunters in Cordoba, Argentina, on 27,000 acres of rolling hills, prairie and fields. Accommodations and meals at the Hotel Camino Real are included, based on double occupancy. Additional hunters may be added at a reduced price of $1695 per hunter. Arrival and departure will be from the airport in Cordoba. Airport transfer is $350 per group. This hunt must be taken within one year of the date of purchase subject to open dates. Not included are shotgun shells, shotgun rental, hunting licenses, and pick-up boys' assistance.

Octavio Crespo  |  |
  F16 SAFARI ART WOLF: This is a rifle hunt for two hunters, or for one hunter and one observer, for a wolf in Stip, Macedonia where there is a high concentration of wolves. Three days of hunting and two days of tours are included. Hunting will be done from blinds at night. Additional game, such as mouflon sheep and Kri-kri ibex, can be added to the hunt per the outfitter's price list. This hunt can be taken in 2019 or 2020 but the best period is from November to March. Lodging will be in a three- to four-star hotel or a hunting house. The winning bidder must pay the VAT tax of 18 percent on the donated value of the hunt and the total bill as well as the trophy fee for the wolf of $2,500. If the second hunter also takes a wolf, he must pay the trophy fee as well. Arrival and departure will be from the airport in Skopje, Macedonia. Hunting license ($100) is not included in the donation.

Aleksander Belancic  |  |
  F18 SILVERTINE WILDLIFE: Silvertine is one of Saskatchewan, Canada's most challenging and forested hunt estates which duplicates "fair chase." This is a 2x1 hunt credit for two hunters for the elk species of their choice, including Rocky Mountain, Roosevelt, Manitoban or Russian White Elk starting at 380 SCI. Your party will be the only hunters on the estate. The donation covers a $2,000 trophy fee credit to be shared between the two hunters as they see fit. This includes four nights and three days of first class accommodations, field preparation, official scoring, initial preparation of the meat and cape, and preparation of antlers for transportation. Hunters will owe the balance of any trophy fees on game taken per the outfitters price list. This hunt must be taken between August 1 and December 22, 2019 or they can choose to hunt the 2020 or 2021 season.
Steve Rahn  |  |
  F17 SOUTHERN CROSS SAFARIS: This 8-day rifle safari for one or two hunters will take place in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The donation includes one black wildebeest, two springbuck, two impala and two cull animals (to be determined by the outfitter) to be shared by the two hunters. Rifles of .30 caliber are preferred. The hunt can be extended beyond eight days to include additional trophies. Any additional trophies hunted on Southern Cross Safaris private reserve will receive a five percent discount. This is a 10-day safari with eight full hunting days. Accommodations are included. Arrival and departure will be from the airport in Port Elizabeth with transfer fees estimated at $650 per vehicle. The hunt can be taken in 2019 or 2020.
Chris Cawood  |  |
  F4 TIM MURPHY KNIFE: Stone knife with carved antler handle and display base by Tim Murphy of Tama, Iowa. Overall length is about 10 inches with approximately a 4-inch blade.
Tim Murphy  |  |
  F3 TOTALLY AWESOME TAXIDERMY: This donation is for taxidermy work on one impala OR one whitetail deer shoulder mount. The certificate is not valid in conjunction with any other discount, either written or verbal, nor may it be used in conjunction with any other work in progress. The certificate must be used within one year from today. Totally awesome taxidermy must receive the entire safari of animals for taxidermy or the certificate will not be valid unless otherwise specified on the certificate.
Jim Guist  |  |